Complimentary COVID-19 Test
In-Room Guest Sample Collection

As always, your health and safety remain our top priority. As part of your package, we are happy to offer you during your stay on Yas Island a complimentary COVID-19 PCR Test, to be used anytime during your visit or to fly back home.

In-Room PCR Testing is operated only by Life Dx our trusted partner and must be booked on this online platform.

Please book your in-room PCR appointment, 24H minimum before your Hotel check out. PCR results will be received 24h post sample collection.

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  1. The complimentary in-room PCR Test (“Complimentary PCR”) offer is only valid for non-UAE residents who have purchased Yas Island hotel stays via
  2. One Complimentary PCR is available for each booked guest as listed in the relevant Yas Island hotel booking confirmation.
  3. Complimentary PCR’s are bookable via using your Yas Island booking number and the Complimentary PCR promo code provided to you via email 24 hours after the time of your purchase. You will need to provide a working mobile number and a valid email address to complete your booking.
  4. The promo code is only valid for guests under the same booking and is valid for one-time use only.
  5. The Complimentary PCR offer is only valid during your stay and must be availed on or before your check-out date.
  6. By availing the Complimentary PCR offer you and all guests in the same booking are agreeing to and accept these terms and conditions, and the Privacy Policy which can be found at
  7. The Complimentary PCR will be undertaken by a medical professional from Life Diagnostics. You will need to show the nurse proof of identity, in the form of a valid passport, for each guest at the time of the test.
  8. The results of the Complimentary PCR for each guest will be sent to the registered email address and mobile number within 24 hours of the test. If only one email address and mobile number are registered, the results for each of the booked guests will be sent to that one email address and mobile number.
  9. The results report sent by email will feature Life Diagnostics’ official stamp and a QR code which can be printed and used as required.
  10. If you or any guest in your booking tests positive, you must follow the COVID-19 reporting and isolation/quarantine rules in place in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi as of that date.
  11. Life Diagnostics’ may, at their own discretion, refuse to carry out a PCR test if the number of people exceeds the number booked and/or if any identification provided does not match the names on the hotel booking.
  12. No warranty, undertaking, or representation is made in any way as to the suitability or fitness for purpose of the Complimentary PCR and no guarantee is made that the test report will be accepted as valid in the country of origin or residence.
  13. These terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Arab Emirates, as applicable in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. You agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
Questions and Answers on Complimentary COVID-19 Test In-Room Guest Sample Collection.

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You can book your Complimentary PCR and Complimentary PCR’s for all guests who are on the same hotel booking via the Customer Dashboard. You will need your promo code to complete your booking. The Complimentary PCR must be booked for the same date and at the same time for all guests on the same hotel booking.
Yes, you can reschedule or modify the booking up to 1 hour before your booked time via the Customer Dashboard.
Yes, you can cancel the booking up to 1 hour before your booked time via the Customer Dashboard.
Yes, you will automatically receive your result via SMS and the results report by email on the details you have registered with us.
Your test result will be updated on the Al Hosn application shortly after you receive your result. The Al Hosn application is managed by a third party and there may be a delay in the updating of your information which is out of our control. In the event your Al Hosn application does not update within one hour of receiving your result, please contact Life Diagnostics on +971 600 5516363.
The report you receive is an official document that is signed by the authorizing Pathologist and stamped.
Yes, the PCR report will have a QR code that can be used for traveling purposes. No guarantee is given that the PCR report will be accepted by your airline or your country of origin or residence.
You will receive your PCR test result within 24 hours following the sample collection time via your registered email and mobile number (email and SMS). If you require your PCR test for travel, please ensure you leave sufficient time to receive your test results.
The COVID-19 RT PCR test requires a nasopharyngeal swab sample. A nasopharyngeal swab is collected by having you tip your head back, and a swab is gently inserted through your nostrils until resistance is met. It is left in place for a few seconds, then rotated to collect cells, and then removed.
A POSITIVE or DETECTED result means that you are likely to have the COVID-19 virus, and it is highly likely that you could spread the virus to others. You are will not, therefore, be permitted to travel. If you receive a POSITIVE or DETECTED result you must contact a healthcare provider and follow the Covid-19 reporting and isolation/quarantine rules in place in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi as of that date.

A NEGATIVE or NON-DETECTED result means it is likely you are not infected at the time of the test, and you are safe to travel within 72 Hours from the report issuing date.

An INCONCLUSIVE result means that it is not possible to confirm or exclude the infection using the provided sample. This can occur for many reasons, and it is recommended that you take a further PCR test using a new sample after 48 hours. You will not be permitted to travel until you receive A NEGATIVE or NON-DETECTED result.
All COVID-19 issued PCR test reports are valid for a period of 72 hours from the report issue time. You are responsible for checking your destination’s guidelines before performing the PCR test.
You will receive a stamped report via your registered email, which can be printed.
In the event you do not receive your results or report within 24 hours from the time the test was taken, please contact the Life Diagnostics support team on +971 600 5516363, or email your details to to follow up on their reports.