Innovating for Better Health!

Innovating for Better Health!

World-Class Care

Life Dx. combines state-of-the-art medical testing laboratory service with world-class standards to provide the highest quality and best value diagnostic service.

Top Priority You

We provide exceptional care to our patients and clients through an individualized approach to ensure providing the right care for the right patient at the right time.

Everywhere Access

A dedicated and highly qualified customer service team will be at your service to ensure that all your requirements and inquiries are met at any time and anywhere.

Attention to Service

Life Dx is committed to providing focused, high quality, affordable and timely diagnostic services to our patients and physicians with strict adherence to international quality standards and local regulations.


The best service for patient

Life Diagnostics has been established in 1998 at the heart of Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates as a fully-fledged diagnostic center that provides a wide range of laboratory and radiology services by adopting innovative technologies to deliver exceptional diagnostic services.

Our management is driven by the passion to provide a unique diagnostic experience that helps healthcare professionals to diagnose, treat, monitor, and prevent diseases.

We provide a broad range of routine, specialized, and high-complexity diagnostics services. Life Diagnostics adopting innovative technologies and instruments for clinical testing and imaging to deliver exceptional diagnostic services. Life Diagnostics also focuses on developing a unique and wide scope of service by investing in laboratory and imaging expertise.

We established strong and open partnerships with a world-class laboratory to expand our offerings to our clients.

  • Accountability
  • Dedication
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Reliability

Our Mission

To deliver high quality, cost-effective and unique diagnostic services to patients and healthcare providers in the region.

Our Vision

To position Life Diagnostics as a comprehensive diagnostic service provider in the region.
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Excellence is Our Specialty

Excellence is Our Specialty

Our dedicated team is committed to providing our services in a comfortable, efficient and fast way.

We provide a highly professional service through our medical laboratory technologists who are highly skilled, well trained and have many years of experience in the field providing the most accurate and precise testing results. They work under the direction and complete the supervision of highly qualified and certified pathologists.

Life Dx provides a complete range of tests — from routine to highly esoteric — for screening and early detection, diagnosis, and prognosis, follow up and treatment selection, evaluation of diseases and health conditions.


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